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You may have noticed that our website was one of the growing list of companies and websites online that have recently made the switch to all https as opposed to the unsecured http. What is https?

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website that you are connected to. The ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS stands for ‘Secure’. It means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted.1

We made this decision for several reasons.

  • The added trust and security associated with https – While we have already used https on our checkout pages and all pages that requested the user input personal information, the added security of having the entire site secure was reason enough to make the switch.
  • Added referral boost from search engines – Recently Google has indicated that a small rankings boost would be included for all secure websites as an incentive to switch the internet over to the more secure protocol.
  • More data from search engines – As search engines have moved to a secure platform, data that traditionally has been sent to the referred website from the referring website (such as browser type, search term used, etc) gets stripped away when going from the secure search engine to the unsecure website. With your site being secured using https, all that data is available to you again.

There are some issues associated with the switch which we felt were overcome by the positives. Mainly speed. With page load speed being a factor in search rankings, especially with mobile, a slower website reduces your ranking. The switch to https does not speed up your website. It will slow it down. We are on a reputable web host and have a pretty fast website. We made the decision to make the switch anyway.

In short, we are recommending to our clients that have to purchase an SSL certificate anyway to go ahead and secure their entire website.

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