Capturing the video footage of your class is a critical step to starting a video distance learning program. There are many viable options when it comes to how your capture your footage. Regardless of the technique you use, there are a couple of principals that need to be followed:

  • Higher the resolution the better. For our hard-wired systems, we shoot in 4k resolution to have plenty of room to digitally pan and zoom around the classroom following the instructor.
  • Broadcast quality audio is a must. You can get away with lower quality video if your audio is solid. Bad audio is a dead giveaway of an amateur production.
  • Choose the medium appropriate. If you are teaching a piece of software, a simple setup of a single camera, some lighting, and a screencast software might be appropriate. A full classroom might be appropriate for others.

Regardless of the style of classroom footage you choose, we have an option to meet your needs and budget.

Here are Some of Your Class Capture Options

Hard-wired Multi-camera Classroom Install

This is a system for those with many classes to record. This system utilizes custom software and a very sophisticated multi-camera security system DVR technology to quickly and easily record classes in your classroom.

If you have a library of classes to record, this is the system for you. We have the ability to remotely access the recorded footage for edit.

  • Three 4k cameras positioned right, left, center of the classroom
  • Screencast software to record activity on classroom computer
  • Broadcast quality microphone to record instructor audio
  • Networked multi-cam DVR to allow for footage storage and remote access for edit
  • Hard wired LED bank stage lights installed in ceiling and/or walls on a single switch
  • Single button record for all cameras and mic

Hard-wired Classroom Rental

If you have a handful of classes to capture, it might be more economical to rent a classroom already wired to capture video. RREA Media has a classroom available in the Spring, Texas area for rent if that fits your class. This classroom includes a three camera shot, screen cast footage, and broadcast quality microphones to ensure your footage looks quality and professional.

Contact us today to schedule your class today. Seating for up to 30 people.

In-studio Presentation Style

For those that do not have the need for an audience for their classes, the in-studio presentation style class might be the answer. This technique offers the flexibility of scheduling an appointment to teach as many classes as you want. With the benefit of not paying for a classroom setup, this is an economical alternative to capturing a library of instruction.

Generally this consists of a single camera and a slide package that is edited together to make the classroom video. This is done in the RREA Media studio in Spring, Texas.

A Champions School of Real Estate instructor teaches a class in studio using the “in-studio presenter style”.

In-studio Software Demo Style

For those whose instruction is mainly computer based, the in-studio software demo style might be the answer. This can be done in the RREA Media studios or we offer a package to outfit an office in your location to capture this content.

This generally consists of a single camera, a screencast, and a microphone. This allows you to get into great detail about a computer program or software.

On-location Live Cameramen

If you have a couple of days of classes and want us to send a camera crew to capture the class in your classroom, that is available as well. We will set up multiple cameras, lights, and microphones to capture your class. This is a very economical option for those that have a limited number of classes or have a special educational event to cover.

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