From our studios in Spring, Texas, RREA Media has the capability to turn your footage into the quality online experience it deserves. From audio and video editing, to motion graphic production, to our web development capabilities; all manner of your post production needs are available.

RREA Media brings a tremendous amount of capability to bear on your project. Utilizing the latest in post production software, technology, and equipment; RREA Media can efficiently and economically let you stand with your much better funded competitors, and shine.

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An editing bay at the RREA Media Studios in Spring, Texas.

Post Production Services


We are here to edit your classroom footage into a great user experience. Using your camera footage, screen cast footage, and instructor audio track; we make your class engaging, efficient, and presented professionally.

Class Handouts

If you need assistance is creating or editing class handouts to embed in the online lesson, we can help. Our graphic designers can work with multiple mediums to ensure your online students get the full learning experience.

Quiz Development

Our team can take an analog quiz and turn it into an automated test that will ensure your online students are grasping the material. If the quiz is objective (multiple choice, true/false, etc) they can be automated.

Translation Services

Do you need your content translated into another (or several) languages for students overseas? We can help. We use top quality linguistic vendors and can subtitle your content to make it available in other languages.

Motion Graphics

We provide each client with a motion graphic package to ensure continuity and branding across all of your content. Your footage will be watermarked with your brand for security.