“To whom much is given, much is expected”

Some of my favorite charities:

  • Dawg Foundation
  • Home Aide Houston
  • Operation finally home
  • Texas honor ride
  • Watermelon run for the fallen
  • Wounded warrior project
  • Operation military embrace
  • Fisher house foundation
  • Habitat for humanity
  • Kingdom Dog Ministries – Four years ago Shannon had Kingdom Dog Ministries perform for the real estate community. She invited the entire industry to come to her office to see the event live. The event included the Kona ice and balloon artists for the kids. It was a wonderful industry event with raving reviews. Currently, this charity works out of her office.
  • Mission of Christ – Mission of Christ works out of the RREA office. RREA Media has full time staff supporting their projects.
  • Gottlieb Foundation
  • Nancy Owens Memorial – Shannon attends this event annually.
  • American Cancer Society

Shannon Register featuring the Dawg Foundation on Houston Real Estate Radio from a local home show.


Every taxpayer plays a role in public education.

Shannon taught school in New York and in Texas. She has held a certified teaching certificate for K-12 Special Education in Texas. She understands the power of education and the need for educating our students. Every fall, she dedicates one of her radio shows to school issues to better educate buyers and sellers of the districts they live in.

Shannon is the mother of two boys, ages 7 and 10, one of which is a special needs student. She has worked with more than one school district to meet the needs of special education students and has directly sought the support of public officials and partnered with them to get children what they need to better support their education and academic success.

Below are videos of interviews Shannon completed with four different area school superintendents. She worked directly with State Congresswoman Debbie Riddle to fight for the special needs of her own son.


While Shannon prefers residential real estate, her brokerage serves both residential and commercial clients. She has many agents that do both types of transactions and her brokerage offers commercial training classes.

Shannon has completed many commercial real estate transactions for her clients. She also attends meetings for commercial real estate agents.