Labor Shortages

Due to Houston’s housing demand, there is currently a labor shortage in the home building industry.

Shannon serves on the Education Committee for the Greater Houston Builder’s Association and encourages them to invite high school and college students into their training programs. Currently the committee is working to with local community colleges to seek out students for careers in the home building industry. Shannon supports vocational training in local high schools and colleges and apprentice type training programs.

Appraisal Reform

A real estate appraisal is an opinion of value and required by lenders. Because it relies on a human opinion, it is subject to human error. Our industry has a national, uniform way of doing an appraisal and it is a fair process that works, however, it is still a person’s opinion of value and subject to occasional issues.

Currently appraisers are regulated by a license, however, there is no professional standards review for appraisals nor a reliable process for a Realtor or consumer to have an appraisal challenged. Sadly, when the buyer is using a VA Loan, it can cause them not to qualify to use their VA benefits.

Shannon supports a formal, streamlined, efficient review process for appraisals that raise problems for buyers and sellers and lenders. We are all challenged when an appraisal comes in low, and Shannon feels we need a formalized process for handling appraisal appeals so that consumers are protected against potential loss. We have industry standards of practice for commission disputes and other problems, and appraisals are an issue at every market turn.

Below are videos of Mike Brubaker, a leading appraiser in the Houston Market. He is aware of the industry problems because Realtors often turn to him for answers when they have a problem with an appraisal. Another local favorite appraiser, Mike Bowden, is showcased in the video below. Appraisal issues in Houston are a recurring problem with each market shift.

Homeowner’s Associations

For many homeowners, they have a love/hate relationship with their Home Owner Associations. HOA’s can provide a great benefit to property owners by enhancing their quality of life and the enjoyment of their property. However, when the HOA is not managed well, marketing and selling homes in those neighborhoods can be difficult.

As the HOA protects homeownership in a community, they must also be run with transparency and protect homeowner’s rights. Recently HOA’s tried to infringe on homeowners by not allowing them to fly the American Flag. This obviously caused uproar. There must be a balance of community standards and property rights.

People who move to Houston from other parts of the country may not understand how our homeowner association’s function or the important work that they do in our communities. Here are some radio interview’s that Shannon has done to help educate consumers on HOA’s.

NexGen Realtor Group

The Houston NexGen Realtor Group is a young professionals group that Shannon has been a part of. For years, she has been recommended for the 20 Under 40 Awards by leadership in the industry. She advertised the group’s fun run event on her radio program at no charge and created a 30 second ad that aired on the radio several weekends. She attends their events in support of the local group.

Port of Houston

The port of Houston is a gateway to the world. The port employees many people and is vital to Houston’s economy. Shannon strongly believes our port must be kept safe and well protected. Economic development around the port is vital to our economy. Shannon interviewed Chad Burke, the CEO of the Economic Alliance Houston Port Region, about all of the development money being spent in and around the Port of Houston.

Local Economy

The real estate market is the driving force of our U.S. economy. That big economic engine must be maintained regularly and kept in check. Something so critical to the Texas economy so critical to our success as Realtors, must remain in check. It’s important we stay on top of local, state, and federal issues that effect housing and vote for legislation that will do no harm.