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We live in a digital world. The era of constant communication is here. The businesses that understand that are poised to take advantage of very powerful tools to reach their audience in ways never before dreamed. Gone are the days where the business website is a digital version of a shiny brochure and an afterthought in the marketing strategy.

The business website is now the backbone and the infrastructure around which you build your business. It is the center of your online universe and the purpose of all other communication. It is your funding source, your rolodex, your calendar, and your digital soap box.

At RREA Media, we build multi-media rich, well thought out communication platforms that allows the business to spread their message far and wide getting the biggest results out of the least amount of effort possible.

We train you and your team on effective online strategies that get results. We provide you with the tools to help yourself have a world class web presence. No matter what your business, this is critical.

We want to equip you with the tools necessary to to achieve your business goals.

Website Features

Static Pages

Static pages are just web pages. This would be your “about us” page or your “contact us” page or a page outlining some of your platform.

Contact Forms

Contact forms are forms a visitor to your website can fill out to email your business. We can go as simple or as complex as you wish with this. Complex would include multiple checkboxes and conditional fields that can appear depending on answers to earlier fields.

Blogging Platform

The blogging platform is a critical piece of your company’s communication strategy. Call it news, updates, or whatever you want. It is an opportunity to regularly post updates and drive traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimized

Our sites are built to sing with search engines. With easy ways to control every aspect of how a searcher will see your pages listed, you will have ultimate control of your own destiny online with the tools we give you.

Email Database Integration

Your email database is gold as a business. We build websites with this in mind. Everything that a visitor does on your website will tie them into your database. If they make a purchase, make a comment to a blog post, submit a contact form, or anything else they find themselves in your database.

Twitter Integration

Every time you publish a blog posts triggers tweets by all Twitter accounts tied to your website. This is a great tool that allows you to add hashtags and more before it sends.

Branded URL Shortener

The ultimate in attention to detail! (See the footer of this web page for an example) Each of your pages and auto-tweets will feature a short url (with your brand) that will forward to your web page.

Events Calendar

Keep your viewers informed of when and where your events will be. Do you need to sell tickets or sponsorships for these events? We can integrate your events calendar with your ecommerce platform and allow you to do this too.

Testimonials / Endorsements

Do you want endorsements by notable people to appear on every page of your site? We can set you up to display your endorsements to have the biggest impact.


Stop paying 3rd parties to handle your sales. This fully automated system is customizable to the products or services you sell and can handle this directly from your website. No more sending people away from your site to make a purchase.

Website Training

Included is 4 hours of training on how to use your website, the strategy and tactics behind using your website as your business hub, and more. We will get you good at this. This training can be for more than one person. This can be for the owner, volunteers, staff, assistants, it personel, or anyone else who will be handling this for the business.

Website Hosting

You will need to have your website hosted on a server in order for viewers to see it. RREA Media is not in the website hosting business. We have definite opinions on which hosts are better. We will help you get set up with your own account that you own to host your site.

Sites that include ecommerce will also need an SSL Certificate. This will make the donation pages (and anywhere people are inputting private information) encrypted and secure.

Website Pricing

  • Static Pages
  • Contact Forms
  • Blogging Platform
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Email Database Integration
  • Twitter Integration
  • Branded URL Shortener
  • Events Calendar
  • Testimonials (Endorsements)
  • eCommerce Enabled
  • 4hrs Training
  • Additional Costs to 3rd Party Vendors
  • Simple Package
    • < 10
    • 1
    • $30/month Hosting
  • Simple Plus Package
    • < 20
    • < 4
    • $30/month Hosting

Ongoing Maintenance

This provides for RREA Media to regularly log into your website and ensure things are working properly. We will keep all of the software updated, fix any conflicts between updated plugins (which happens from time to time), and keep things running the way they were intended.

Need Custom Features and Capabilities?

We do custom development. We can make your website function the way you need it to. You need to sell products in an unusual way? We can get very creative with ecommerce.