About Us

What makes RREA Media different?

RREA Media is a digital agency that produces video, audio, graphic design, websites, and broadcast radio. Our background is in business, not technology. We firmly believe that technology is a way to level the playing field with your much better funded competitors. Being business people first, we understand how to choose from the available technologies and pick those that achieve a specific business purpose.

  • Business Objective

    Start with the business objective: reaching a new market or increading sales

  • Technology

    Identify the technology to leverage to help you achieve that goal (website, video, radio)

  • Execution

    Take those operational tools and execute your plan.

Our History

We did not intend on being in the media business. We started out doing services for ourselves (Register Real Estate Advisors, the “RREA” in RREA Media). As people noticed our work, more and more companies started asking for us to do for them what we were doing for ourselves. Over the next few years a company was born.

Let us get to work getting your business noticed. Contact us today to get started.