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“Price of Business” Partners with RREA Media

RREA Media is proud to announce a partnership with Kevin Price, host of the “Price of Business,” the longest running business show in Houston. The show airs on Bloomberg’s home in Houston,  Business 1110 KTEK. Kevin Price will provide multimedia services. Price is also a nationally syndicated columnist. In this partnership, RREA Media will provide sponsors with video services, web development, as well as convert the show from a traditional terrestrial radio show platform into a multi-channeled trans-media business talk show.

“We couldn’t be happier. The ability to leverage technology and offer our sponsors and listeners more is exciting and necessary in today’s rapidly changing business environment” said Price.

Matt Register, Owner of RREA Media said “This allows us to expand our product offering across more business verticals. The “Price of Business is a great addition to our team.” He also talked about the ability to offer small business a suite of services at an economical price point that could have a profound impact on their business.

If you are interested in aligning your brand with the longest running business show in Houston, contact RREA Media today to learn more and get started.



Matt Register


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