Our Portfolio

Here are a Few Examples of Our Art

Election Video

Nasir Malik describing his platform for election for Justice of the Peace for Harris County (Pct 4 Pl 2).

Broadcast Promo Video

Broadcast promo video for a broadcast radio show, “What’s on Tap” with James Simpson on KPRC AM950 in Houston. This broadcast promo video is used on their website as well as social media, [...]

Event Video Trailer

Event video trailer for Kingdom Dog Ministries to be played to the audience in the days and weeks before his presentations to increase interest and attendance. This event video trailer has had a [...]

Crowdfunding Website

Enterprise level communication and crowdfunding platform for non-profit ministry supporting overseas missionaries.

Weekly Vlog

Weekly video blog from a title company. These are release by the title company via social media.

Explainer Video

An explainer video is a graphic video that explains complex subjects in an easy to understand style.


This is the entire event coverage output for when RREA Media covered ParrFest 2014, a music festival in Brookshire, TX.

Short Vlog

Christy Stratton and one of her weekly video shorts that you might have seen on the RREA Media blog.

Event Promo Video

Promo video for the Greater Houston Builder's Association Battle of the Builders 2015.

Monday Morning Minute

Weekly Monday Morning Minute by the Greater Houston Builders Association to email to their members each week.