Radio Host Packages

RREA Media Transforms Radio Shows into Trans-media Platforms, Vastly Increasing the Value Your Show Brings to Sponsors

A New Way to Radio

The world has undergone a seismic shift in the way we communicate. Technology has leveled the playing field and created opportunities for companies and brands on a scale unrivaled in the history of the world. These opportunities are now yours.

By combining the power of traditional media (broadcast radio) and new media (online video, social media), we can offer sponsorship packages that have more impact than ever before. The credibility of the traditional with the impact and visibility of the new creates a game changing package that can truly have an impact on your business.

This understanding allows for entirely different value proposition for our radio show sponsors. I am not seeking radio show sponsors for a talk radio show. Instead, I am seeking radio show sponsors for a multi-platform, trans-media news and information show that has a robust social media following, incredible search engine efficiency, and online assets that will benefit the sponsor for years.

This is way more than a way to run a radio show. Please read further and see some of the ways that RREA Media can energize your business and your show.

Take Your Radio Show to the Next Level

RREA Media is looking to partner with a select few best-of-class radio hosts that want to expand the reach of their existing radio show platforms. While this partnership allows for expanded and shared revenues, it leverages the show’s existing audience with the capabilities and power of repurposing radio content into a marketing machine that adds tremendous value for listeners and sponsors alike. Contact us today to see if your show is a fit and lets take your show to it’s potential.

Starting a New Show?

RREA Media can help you from start to finish. From concept to production, from selling sponsorships to media buying, we are set up to help you build a show that can power your business for years to come. Here are just some of the things we can do to power your show:

  • Logo / Name / Concept
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Intros / Audio Imaging
  • Commercial Production
  • Training
  • Studio Recording (Audio and Video)
  • Promo Video
  • Online Media Kits
  • Sponsorship Sales
  • Media Buying
  • eCommerce Platforms
  • Remote Broadcasting

Radio Show Video Promos

Do you want to show off your show in beautiful high definition video? RREA Media makes beautiful videos and can make you a video that will showcase your show in a way that people will take notice.

Radio Show Website Packages

Your website should be well more than a brochure for your radio show. It is your communication platform with your audience. It is the destination you are driving your listeners to. It is the means of connection with your audience.

We build beautiful and functional websites. Let us build and train you on a website package that connects with your followers and allows you to truly drive value for your sponsors and listeners well beyond the air waves.

Remote Broadcasts

If you need to broadcast your radio show from an event or trade show, RREA Media has a beautiful, television ready broadcast booth available that comes pre-wired and capable of live or recorded shows. Multi-camera setups are available as well to capture full HD video of the broadcast. We also have a variety of smaller packages for live or recorded remote broadcasts of all types.

DIY Equipment Packages

For some simple podcasts, you don’t need complex solutions or huge racks of equipment. We have identified a few packages of equipment for some of these simple tasks that we have discussed in blog posts, seminars, and classes. We decided to make these equipment lists open to the public for you to use. Enjoy.